Analytical Services with Penterra Analytics

In today data driven world, leveraging data from internal and external resources to make insight driven decision is very critical for businesses. A business should have the capability to capture the opportunities, maximize returns on investments, and correct errors before they become critical. Hence, tracking, interpreting and predicting the future through an in-depth analysis helps businesses executives to make better business decisions.

We, at Penterra Analytics provide reliable, efficient and affordable business analytics consulting solutions to various companies. We help the executives to make cost-effective and strategic business decisions that can improve daily operational performance, business planning, and corporate governance. Our team comprises of Business Analysts who are proficient in technical and statistical skills like SAS, SPSS, R and Visualization tools. We also maintain confidentiality and ensure robust data privacy and security.


The main aim of our business analytics service team is to assist our clients to improve their business processes significantly and have a sustained growth over a period. Our expertise team use sophisticated and advanced business analytics software and tools. These can be applied to measure, analyze and understand critical areas to improve the business of the clients’.

We at Penterra Analytics, offer Analytics services that include Digital Analytics; Marketing Analytics; Retail Analytics; Risk Analytics; Data Management and Reporting; and Visualization Services.

What is included in Analytical Services

  • Digital Analitics

    Data Analytics is crucial to business firms to survive in this competitive market. This means that analysis should take at from the grassroot level and in a granular level. The analytics should be arranged in simple narratives that make your business important, informed and revenue – driving decisions.

  • Marketing Analytics

    Marketing Analytics is a prerequisite to any Business firm. We, at Penterra Analytics have the capabilities to provide the required researches and data to our client. Our sole goal is to improve your business processes and have a sustained growth and profit for a long – term.

  • Retail Analytics

    equity research that includes both buy – side and sell – side researches. We provide independent and objective research that is of highest analyst standards. This approach is inclined towards providing transparency

  • Sales Analytics

    Identifying and optimizing end to end sales management by enhancing sales teams performance. We work with our clients to visualize and track all activities that lead to increase in sales and conversions

  • Data Management and Reporting

    Data Management is important for all industries. Precise, concise and accurate data can accelerate the company’s decision – making process.  We, at Penterra Analytics, therefore provide a package of data entry services at a cost – effective and affordable prices.

  • Visualization Services

    The data practices in a business can be improved through adequate data visualization techniques. We provide insights into intricate data sets through data visualization services..


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