Data Management is important for all industries. Precise, concise and accurate data can accelerate the company’s decision – making process.  We, at Penterra Analytics, therefore provide a package of data entry services at a cost – effective and affordable prices. We provide error – free data entry services and accurate results.

Why US?

  • We have skilled, professional and experienced data entry analysts who provide accurate data results and reports
  • We use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technologies that enables the analysts to recognize text and characters from digital images, scanned documents. They also convert these text and images into editable format.
  • We protect your confidentiality and data security and privacy
  • We ensure customer satisfaction through swift and efficient delivery of projects
  • The quality assurance team ensures that data entry projects satisfies clients expectation
  • Our pricing structure is cost – effective

Our services include:

  • Data Entry Services
  • Online, Offline and eBook Data Entry Services
  • Image Tagging Data Entry Services
  • Catalogue Data Entry Services
  • Data Entry for e-commerce, Printed and Handwritten Documents
  • Data Entry of Business Surveys, Questionnaires and Company Reports

We also provide services like data conversion, data processing, data extraction, data mining, data enrichment, database development and migration, online data capture, data mining and warehousing, and data cleansing among others.

We also provide Data Conversion services. We convert data from a format to another, with great accuracy. We convert data’s like periodicals, reports, journals, catalogs and financial statements into a cohesive set of desired format. We help to store, search and retrieve digital versions of any kind of document. We have excelled in providing data conversion services to several publishing houses, libraries, and other content providers across the globe. Our team of experts can help the business in extracting hidden information from the data that can assist in business decisions. Our expertise team can manage thousand pages, a million pages, – with each document, each word converted consistently, reliably, and accurately within specified deadline.

Our services include:

  • HTML and XML Conversions Services
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Electronic Data Conversion
  • PDF Conversion Services
  • Document Digitizing Services
  • Spread sheet Conversion
  • Book and Printed Data Conversion
  • File Conversion Services
  • Word Formatting Services