Digital Analytics Services: Turn your data into actionable insights

Digital Analytics Services is crucial to for businesses that are in the digital era, to keep pace with the changing digital space and social media landscape. This means that analysis should take at the grass root level and in a granular level. We at Penterra Analytics build and provide analytics practices. This is done to collect appropriate data, gain insight and convert data into meaningful actionable insights.

You have mountains of data pouring into your data management platform. That means you need your analytics practice to break it down into simple stories that help your organization make important, revenue-driving decisions. We build analytics practices to collect the appropriate data, sort it and transform it into actionable insights.

We provide End to End Digital Analytics Services, Digital Audit, Site/App analysis, Campaign Analysis, Attribution, Segmentation and Predictive Analysis. We have a detailed process to chart out data analytics that helps you to improve your business growth.

Site/App Analysis

Your digital properties enjoy large amounts of traffic, but what about conversion rates? Our expert team will set you on the path to an improved user experience and increased conversions. We will set up your analytics platform to measure and fully understand how your audience interacts with you digitally. Once sufficient data is collected, we will analyze that data to understand every nuance of customer behavior and look for opportunities to improve customer experience.

Campaign analysis

Our campaign analysis services will measure the success of each of your efforts using understandable, revenue-oriented key performance indicators (KPIs). Gaining this deeper understanding of the Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) will enable you to shift your marketing budget into the channels that best drive conversions.


Where and when did your customer first engage with your brand online? How long did it take them to convert and what happened in between? The learnings from this process will inform how you position your overall online presence.


While every customer’s experience is unique, it can help your business to categorize their behavior so you can more efficiently communicate. If you would like to speak to your customers and prospects on a more personal level, our segmentation services will deliver the data insights to let you do it.

Predictive Analytics

Historical data tells a story. It cannot predict the future with 100% certainty, but it can provide valuable insights that will let you measure the possible outcomes of campaigns and conversion rate optimization efforts. Data from both inside and outside your business can identify the likelihood of specific results from future efforts. If you would like to better understand the possible outcomes of specific marketing efforts and arm yourself with as much data as possible, our predictive analytics process will help you make the most informed decisions possible.

Penterra Analytics Consultants leverage a range of tools to deliver high quality Digital Analytics Services that suits our customer needs:

Digital Analytics Capabilities_Tools

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