Digital and social media have caused a paradigm shift in marketing. Traditional marketing strategies are no longer effective. Hence, organizations are increasing employing multiple communication & advertising channels. As a result, marketing analysis services has evolved from simple analytical techniques to Bayesian and Neural network-based modeling to build response and optimization models. Our sole goal is to improve your business processes and have a sustained growth and profit for a long – term.

Maximize your Sales and Brand today

We help your team to strategies marketing analysis services activities and answer few key questions


  • What % of sales is driven by marketing/natural/seasonal?
  • What is the contribution and ROI of all activities?
  • Which activities enhance awareness & brand value?
  • Which activities contributed to the change in sales YOY?


  • What is the memory factor of marketing activities?
  • What is the time to impact of marketing activities?
  • Am I overspending or under spending on activities?
  • What is the short and long term impact of activities?


  • How to allocate spends across Upper/ Lower Funnel?
  • How do I identify activities to reduce / increase spend?
  • How to introduce new activities & estimate impact?
  • What is the headroom for changing spend levels?
  • How do I optimally allocate spends across activities?

Marketing Analysis Services components:

Market Mix Modeling:

  • Proprietary, Bayesian layered models that reflects the true market scenario
  • Custom built models for every client to incorporate business,   data and marketing nuances
  • Models estimate impact of activities on Awareness, Recall, Mindshare & Market share
  • Integrate data from all sources to get 3600 view of business


  • Analyze all your marketing activities like media spends, brand, sales performance in a user friendly and intuitive reporting module
  • Activity Reports detail the marketing activities and all investments undertaken across brands
  • Brand Health Reports specify performance of the brand on a number of brand health parameters.
  • Early Warning alerts to execute mid-term course corrections to marketing plans.

Simulator & Optimizer:

  • Real time “What if” simulator with built in forecasting to test scenarios pre-implementation
  • Add or modify business constraints to help with optimal scenario planning
  • Flexibility to test one off marketing events at a desired level of hierarchy
  • Track all planned scenarios against actual to make media planning intuitive and agile

Marketing analysis services is very essential for brands to drive maxim ROI on their marketing spends through successful optimization of latest tools and technologies.


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