Penterra Analytics provides reporting and visualization solutions. We offers you a powerful combo of design, engineering, and analytics to deliver highly accurate and insightful dashboards that help you make timely data-centric decisions. We are the dashboard people — we are among the first few in the industry who have pioneered the art and science of designing dashboards that speak volumes in a brief glance. Visualization lie at the core of an organization’s ability to consume data and take valuable decisions. Penterra Analytics can help you to rapidly integrate data from different sources and develop key metrics for faster decisions.


Why do you need Data Visualization?

See your data spring to life with our visualization platforms, with:

  • Key Performance Dashboards
  • Data Confluence : Multiple data sources in a single view.
  • Automation : Impactful insights delivered in right format at right time.
  • Data Availability : Democratized dashboards and data.

Managed Reporting Services

  • BI platforms: Expertise in developing and deploying BI and reporting solutions on leading platforms including Tableau, Qlikview, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP
  • Automation: Schedule and distribute reports and dashboards periodically

Dashboards and Visualization

  • Dashboard development: Develop dashboards to assist decision-making by encapsulating large volumes of data in intuitive graphical storyboards
  • Visualization: Create visualizations that collate and display large amounts of information in simple and accessible formats