According to recent studies, companies have diverted their focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Companies want to attract those customers who bring them profits, as those customers will generate more revenue. Hence, the main aim of retail Analytics to capture these customers. Therefore, Retail Analytics is the analysis of acquiring information on what can maintain, identify and attract the profitable customers to your company. Retail Analytics is important for a business as it helps the business to earn profits and your business one-step ahead. It has a role in identifying customer satisfaction and marketing sales. Inculcating Retail Analysis gives a competitive advantage to the businesses in the marketplace. We, at Penterra Analytics, therefore, provide the necessary retail analytics tools that helps in improvising your retail performance. Ranging from SPSS, R, SAS and MS Excel, we give the required statistical technique to give the necessary results. We also provide services like Demand Forecasting, Price Rules and Performance Targets Management, Competition Analysis, Price and Promotion Optimization and Market Basket Analysis.