Data Management Services with Penterra Analytics

Data analytics in simple terms refers to the process of examining, cleaning, altering, and modelling a company’s data. This is done to extract useful information and make rightful decisions for their business. A pattern can be established through analysing data on suppliers, customers, finances and employees. We, at Penterra Analytics offer comprehensive data analytics services that will assist the business to capitalize on the transformational potential of raw data and derive actionable inputs, results and insights. We also provide data intelligence and data administration services to various businesses.

Our team has professional, skilled and experienced people who have the capability in handling data analysis tools, data analysis software, and technology that can help the clients to extract an informed output from a vast data.

An exponential increase in the data availability has led to companies capturing information regarding their suppliers, customers and business operations. The firms can extract structured information from these data; hence, we at Penterra Analytics provide the proper data analytics tools that the companies can use to arrive at meaningful conclusions that can increase their leverage in the market. The data storage cost is at minimal in our company, to help the business to store maximum amount of data to derive significant insights.

With a dedicated, hardworking professional team of data analysts, the clients get their results from the data within the given deadline. Non – disclosure Agreements are signed to protect your confidentiality of your data. We also offer data administration services that can help the business individuals to plan, organize, describe and control the data resources. Hence, we at Penterra an array of data management services to deduce an informed decision based on the data reports and results.

What is included in Data Management Services

  • Data Entry and Analysis

    Comprehensive data analysis requires time-intensive work and professional skills to update to the advanced technologies; hence, Penterra Analytics has a data management expertise to provide all the necessary data analysis services.

  • Desk Research

    Offshore email based support system will ensure lower call volumes and cut – down costs for voice supports, hence, we offer off shoring business email support services that can make your company focus on core competencies.

  • Business Support

    Decision making becomes difficult when the decision makers undergo immense pressure to optimize their business operations, attract new customers and increase market share

  • Virtual Support

    Call Centres have first level to high – end tech support. These tech support are delivered by qualified, professional and experienced engineers through VoIP, telephone, email, web and live chat.


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