Investment Research Services with Penterra Analytics

We assist for private equity firms, investment banks, asset management firms, pension funds, hedge fund managers and independent research firms. Our main aim is to collect, accumulate and interpret data that will support, assist and aid the investment decision – making process of investors and business in the global financial sector. We also help in identifying potential leading risks that a business firm can avoid. We also conduct SWOT Analysis before pursuing potential target companies. We help both buy – side and sell – side firms to make appropriate investment opportunities and achieve target profit levels. We provide a critical analysis on global trends and regulatory environments with a cost – effective price.

We have an expertise team who provide customised research solutions. They are proficient in data analysis, business intelligence, and sector analysis, due intelligence and credit risks. We help you to reduce risks by giving comprehensive solutions that includes all arenas like legal, economic, business and global factors. It helps in arriving at an informed and focused decision. We give timely and steady new innovative strategies to the asset managers, private equity firms and investment funds. This helps the clients to be ahead in the market and provides profits and long – term growth to client’s assets.

Investment Services are important to a Company’s profit. It is essential for the managers of a company to take a right decision on investment, hence, we at Penterra Analytics, have a wing called Investment Research Services that includes Buy – Side Research, Sell – Side Research, Equity Research, Asset Management Services, Investment Banking Service, and Customize Financial Research.

What is included in Investment Research Services

  • Buy-Side Research

    Balancing costs and technological advancements is a dilemma for buy – side firms. Hence, we at Penterra Analytics, provide latest technology that can reduce the dilemma of the buy – side firms.

  • Sell-Side Research

    Helping the firms to be ahead of the competitors. We make sure that the companies avoid compliance regulatory and delay penalties.  We enhance customer relationship management through our existing network.

  • Equity Research

    equity research that includes both buy – side and sell – side researches. We provide independent and objective research that is of highest analyst standards. This approach is inclined towards providing transparency

  • Asset Management Services

    Expertise team who will provide the right solution for the managers. We also provide an array of services like Cross – Asset Class Reports, Company Profiles, Fixed Income Market Analysis.

  • Investment Banking Service

    Provide you with a expertise team to get through these rigmaroles with ease and make your client to choose right kind of investment. We provide you cost – effective solutions.

  • Customize Financial Research

    Penterra Analytics offers customized financial research to industries. We assist the business firms to take quick, efficient and result – driven decision. A critical and detailed analysis helps the business firms to understand the changing global trends and customer interests.


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