Asset Managers have multiple role to play  that includes staffing, priorities, costs and resources and adjusting to the regulatory requirements that was recently imposed by the Dodd – Frank Wall Street Reform Act in the United States as well as other financial regulations in other countries. Hence, Penterra Analytics provides alternative ways through which these items can be reduced to manageable quantity. We assist managers through their comprehensive collection of asset management services. Hence, we at Penterra Analytics have an expertise team who will provide the right solution for the managers. We also provide an array of services like Cross – Asset Class Reports, Company Profiles, Fixed Income Market Analysis, Commodity Analysis, Portfolio Review, Idea Generation, Client and Investor Presentation, Pitch book Updates, Regulatory Compliance,  Third Party Information Validation, Data Management, Tax Compliance, Performance Attribution Analysis, Reporting Standards, Risk Management Support, Regular Market Updates and Factsheets, Equity Market Analysis, and Manager Assessment.