Penterra Analytics provides end-to-end buy side research services. We assist clients such as hedge funds, family offices, private equity & venture capital firms and other asset management companies. We work with clients across the entire life-cycle spanning across capital raising phase to steady state investment phase. Our Buy side research services support across asset classes viz. Equities, Fixed Income, structured products and FX etc. across both developed and emerging markets.

Hedge Funds

We works with hedge funds across the entire life cycle spanning from capital raising phase to steady state investment phase. Penterra Analytics provides research support across both equities and fixed income and provides alpha generating investment opportunities on both long and short side.


Our Buy side research services targeted at Equity and Fixed Income hedge funds are provided below:

Equity Long/Short Hedge Funds

⇒ Financial Modeling & Valuation Analysis (DCF, LBO, Sensitivity Analysis)
⇒ Equity Comps (Comparable Companies Analysis)
⇒ Analyze & Screen Securities & Provide Alerts
⇒ New companies research
⇒ On-going Portfolio companies review
⇒ Sector/Thematic Research
⇒ News Tracking & Monitoring
⇒ Analyst Recommendation Summaries

Fixed Income/Credit Hedge Funds

⇒ Financial Modeling
⇒ Debt Comps and Peer Group Analysis
⇒ Cash Flow Modeling
⇒ Covenant & Indenture Analysis
⇒ Capital Structure & Leverage Analysis
⇒ Rating Analysis and Risk Profiling
⇒ New Issue Notes
⇒ On-going Portfolio companies review
⇒ Sector/Thematic Research

Asset management companies

Penterra Analytics provides buy side research services support to asset management companies both in terms of on-going portfolio surveillance as well as identifying new investment opportunities. The research support provided is listed below:

⇒ Working model on portfolio stocks
⇒ Quick quarterly earnings analysis and detailed quarterly earnings notes of portfolio companies
⇒ Detailed quarterly earnings note of portfolio companies
⇒ Preparatory notes for a company for Q&A with management
⇒ Comparable tables on public companies
⇒ Company report with basic financial model
⇒ High level pre IPO valuation for investment decision
⇒ Tracking analyst and Bloomberg estimates on portfolio companies
⇒ Summary company report summarising analyst reports
⇒ Building stock screens for short listing equities in sectors/geographies
⇒ Debt Comps and Peer Group Analysis
⇒ Financial modelling including DCF. LBO, Credit Capital Structure/Covenant/Cash flow modeling.

Penterra Analytics Buy side research services assists asset managers and portfolio managers with end to end research support buy providing them access to high quality customized services that would help them with their day to day buy side decision making process.

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