Penterra Analytics offers customized financial research to industries. We assist the business firms to take quick, efficient and result – driven decision. A critical and detailed analysis helps the business firms to understand the changing global trends and customer interests. We help the managers in simplifying the complex analytics to make an informed decision.We provide customised research solutions that spans across geographies, sectors and asset classes. We provide economic, thematic and strategic financial research services. Some of our research services include:

  • Equity Research
  • Credit Research
  • Retail Brokerage Research
  • Derivatives Offshoring
  • Retail Risk Analytics
  • Fundamental Analytics

We provide differentiated analysis to improve the ROI on their investment and decisions. Our expert team provides the business firms customised research services. We assure a quality driven financial research services. We provide a cost – effective and efficient data and research solutions. We have high – tech infrastructure that have the capability for high – end global and local research. We provide research services based on the domain and industry.

Penterra Analytics provides various related services to Coporates (CFO office), Advisory firms, and Research Industry.

The services include:
⇒ Business Research and Consulting Services
⇒ Data Aggregation
⇒ Database Maintenance
⇒ CFO support
⇒ Investor Relation Services
⇒ Sponsored Research
⇒ Financial Modeling and Analysis Services
⇒ Credit Analysis, Risk Analytics, Regulatory Compliance and reporting
⇒ ESG Research