Penterra Analytics Sell-Side Research Services is primarily targeted at independent research providers, investment banks and brokerage firms researching global bonds and stocks across market capitalization (large, mid-caps and small/micro caps). Our unique selling proposition is providing differentiated independent research across asset classes (equity, fixed income) and identifying contrarian calls both on long and short side.

We support clients who are in the field of banks that are under immense pressure to reduce costs while increasing profits. We offer customized sell side research Services with our expertise team. We also assist the brokers to overcome communication challenges. We have a Regulatory team to provide sell side research services that go along with the compliance regulations across the global markets. We help the firms to be ahead of the competitors. We make sure that the companies avoid compliance regulatory and delay penalties. We enhance customer relationship management through our existing network. We are equipped services like Copy-writing services, Company Analysis, Sector Reports, Coverage Reports, Thematic Research, Pitch Book Creation, Information Memorandums, Sell – Side Equity Research, Regulatory Reports, Client Management Support and Lead Generation Support.

The range of Sell Side research Services include:

Company and sector research support
⇒ Tracking the coverage universe for news and views
⇒ Company initiation reports
⇒ Earnings previews and reviews
⇒ End-to-end modeling
⇒ Building and maintaining industry comp sheets
⇒ Sector thematic reports
⇒ Publication of periodicals
⇒ Event updates
⇒ Channel checks

Equity Strategy support
⇒ Conceptualize research ideas
⇒ Identify themes and build strategy templates
⇒ Maintain quantitative models and scorecards

The range of services in Fixed Income include:

Credit Research 
⇒ Research on both high-yield and high-grade bonds and convertibles
⇒ Sector and Thematic research reports
⇒ Financial Modeling
⇒ Capital Structure, indenture and collateral analysis
⇒ Credit strategy formulation
⇒ Trade idea generation

Foreign Exchange & Economics Research
⇒ Macroeconomic research
⇒ Quantitative research
⇒ Periodical reports covering important news, strategy
⇒ Design and generate economics-related indices
⇒ Maintain databases to track macro variables and major releases/events
⇒ Periodicals on macro variables and market indicators

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