Penterra Analytics partners with clients across multiple sectors to collect, process, and analyze signals that power long-term growth strategies. We also build solutions to address challenges emerging from changes in the regulatory framework. We assist companies with high quality business plan development services.

Our company offers a comprehensive data analysis and business research services that is designed to provide the client with an in-depth knowledge. This in-depth knowledge makes the client to tackle any complex decisions in their business. Our business services range from Got-To-Market Strategy, Business Expansion plans, Opportunity Assessment, Benchmarking Analysis, Consumer Insights, Business Plan Development Services, Industry News Monitoring Services, Company Profiling Research Services, Lead Generation Research Services.

Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Assess market size and identify target markets
  • Explore market conditions, competitive landscape, and industry rules before entering a new market
  • Plan product activation campaigns to maximize response from your target audience
  • Review effectiveness of marketing channels and design a multi-channel business plan development services for your products and services
  • Business plan development services

Business Expansion Strategy

  • Use advanced frameworks including ANSOFF matrix to evaluate expansion options
  • Execution roadmap for your expansion strategy across product and service lines
  • Explore domestic and overseas markets
  • Plan acquisition and engagement strategies for your chosen marketplace, while keeping customer expectations and competitor offerings into consideration

Opportunity Assessment

  • Evaluate and prioritize opportunities based on profitability, feasibility, investment, implementation time, risks, RoI, breakeven point, and time to profit
  • Estimate market size and industry spend based on category data subdivided by business unit, geography, and demography
  • Identify market vulnerability and potential response to a new product or service launch
  • Assess various pricing strategies to derive an optimum price for your products or services
  • Assess opportunities using frameworks including SWOT, PESTEL, and BCG Matrix

Benchmarking Analysis

  • Evaluate business performance against your direct and best-in-class competitors
  • Understand relative cost position, improve performance, and gain a competitive advantage by assessing yourself against key players in the market
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities based on the expected RoI
  • Balanced scorecards that consider external factors including competition and the industry at large
  • Cross-category benchmarking to benefit from best practices across multiple industries

Consumer Insights

  • Build a deeper understanding of factors that influence customers’ decisions and patterns
  • Assess customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy pain points, and expectations
  • Improve value proposition, overcome barriers to adoption, and innovate faster
  • Build buyer personas across various customer segments and identify touchpoints to plan your marketing
  • Identify customer segments to personalize your marketing and branding activities
  • Understand competitors through company profiling research services


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