Data Collection

Penterra Analytics provides impeccable data collection solutions using various tools and techniques such as:

CATI Research (primary research through telephonic Interviews)

The traditional and most direct approach to research B2B and B2C markets! We have a state of the art Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) facility with skilled professionals trained in the art of persuasive communication. We ensure:

A. Automatic routing to ensure data accuracy and reduce manual errors
B. Enhanced productivity to minimize project expenditure
C. Faster execution of projects through trained professionals in the field
D. Quality and accuracy through global partnerships and ability to handle the projects in multiple languages
We have an in-house team of multilingual research professionals, who are proficient at conducting telephonic surveys. They are trained by the proven BPO companies in India and have adequate experience in conducting telephonic interviews in US, UK, Asian and Australian markets. They are highly proficient and able to achieve quantitative and qualitative targets.

Data collection in “business-to-business” and “business-to-customer” markets:
Our research executives are trained to take appointment and interview top businessmen, entrepreneurs, mid-level managers and different professionals in the B2B marketplace. Similarly, when it comes to business to customer markets, they can reach a wide range of customer segments including a wide range of demographic and sociographic groups.

Detailed qualitative surveys

We also have professionally qualified executives on our rolls, who can conduct in-depth interviews as well. These interviews require a greater insight, a less structured approach and specific domain knowledge. A normal or predetermined set of questions don’t work in this case. Furthermore, talking to business leaders, managers and key executives such as CEOs etc. requires a different approach and we hire trainers and industry experts to train our in-house professionals in those techniques.

Online surveys

Online surveys have gained prominence in the past few years. It is largely because of the changing trends, as more and more people spend more and more time online, you get an exorbitantly large number of people available in the Internet space as compared to telephone and other traditional methods. These surveys also cost you very little and you get plethora of results within hours of launching such interviews.

Penterra Analytics offers online survey services through our strategic partnership with You can visit the website for detailed overview of the panel.

Penterra Analytics has a team of online professionals, who know ins and outs of online surveys. They can not only design effective survey programs but also launch it to the right audience. If you need highly effective online survey programs to be conducted, please contact us for a free quote.