Penterra Analytics has a team of experts that manages market research Services data on various arenas that includes simple data tables with descriptive statistics to applying advanced multivariate statistical techniques to survey data. We track top performing industry, consumer behavior analysis, industry research analysis.

Market research is undertaken to understand clients’ businesses, their customers and competitors. This is conducted in order to empower the clients with the accurate market information and financial insights. Market research is about understanding the consumer, and developing strategies that resemble the products and services to that of customer needs.

Market research Services surveys are designed learn about your target  market. Demographic data is provided through this. It helps in understanding the customers’ purchasing pattern, and why would they opt for your products over others. It also helps in understanding about your product – whether it meets the customers’ expectations. It also helps in alternating product to meet the demand the customers’ needs. Therefore, Market Research Services tries to address pressing questions and will help in developing new marketing strategies, greater brand loyalty and improved product design.



We also provide your with survey development, execution and analysis through the following services like Survey design, Programming, Quota management, Survey panel, Questionnaire, Hosting, Data analysis and statistical services.



Our organisation provides all the required tools to develop comprehensive surveys. Ranging from online surveys, web hosting, mail surveys, to telephone surveys and CATI, our team of experts generate and analyze surveys to meet your Market Research Services needs. Other services also include – Data analysis, qualitative market research, primary market research, Competitive intelligence, SWOT Analysis, Market trends report, Product research, Legal and Regulatory Reports, Customer Analysis, Web survey analysis, Quantitative Market Research, Market Entry Strategy Consulting, Brand research, Market Sizing Research Advertising and Industry Reports, Risk Analysis Services, Sales Analysis.