Technological advancement are becoming rampant in today’s world, hence, Global enterprises need to be updated, accurate and informed about the recent technological developments to analyze and understand the value of their own patent portfolios. We at Penterra Analytics, therefore, provide patenting initiatives according to – the recent technical innovation and advancements; and according to the trends in the global market.

Our team does a rigorous study on the patents, foreign patents and non – patent documentation searches, and eventually provide assistance in identifying additional or alternative markets. They also provide alternative ways in which technology can be used and recommend practical patent strategies. Our team also evaluates and monitors current competitive patents activity of the competitors.

We help you to identify gaps and opportunities in technological, pharmaceutical, research sectors and markets that can make your company have an leverage over other companies. We have an Optimized research wing. We help your company to choose the best combination of fundamental technology creation and existing product improvement. Our team helps you to maximize profitability and effectiveness of licensing strategies through cost-effective prices.

Our process includes –

  • Data Collection
  • Patent Information Analysis
  • Strategy Definition
  • Patent Action Plan

We provide efficient ways of analyzing patent landscape. We provide training for new members in the patent analysis team. We have high quality standards and knowledge regarding the patent industry. We provide accurate reports through our team who are proficient in the subject matter. We have adhered to the ISO quality standards. This is possible due to our team of patent experts and patent landscape assessment. We audit our processes to provide quality goods and deliver in – time. These are certified to ISO 9001 Standards. Your data is in safe hands of our IT systems who work towards data protection of your company and your information is strictly confidential.